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Child Custody

Birmingham Child Custody Attorney

Few legal areas impact such foundational aspects of life as your children. Child custody matters can have a drastic effect not only on your child’s day-to-day living situation, but also on your relationship with your child and his or her future. Whether you are facing custody issues as an unwed parent or in the midst of divorce, professional legal guidance is essential for navigating the complexities of child custody issues.

Experienced And Zealous Representation In All Types Of Custody Matters

Justin Forrester, a Birmingham-based child custody lawyer at Forrester Law, LLC, can protect your rights in any type of custody controversy. He has a wealth of experience handling diverse types of family law matters and has even served as a special circuit judge presiding over family hearings.

When parents feud over visitation and custody rights, strong advocacy is essential for making sure your rights do not get trampled. Likewise, if you are a relative or foster parent striving to obtain custody or visitation rights, you may face an uphill battle. Attorney Forrester can build a solid case on your behalf to maximize your opportunities for success.

Attorney Justin Forrester understands the law, procedural rules and practical strategies for dealing with tough custody issues.

Facing Potential Child Removal Or Child Protection Proceedings?

The government has a powerful ability to intervene in families’ lives under certain circumstances. If the Alabama Department of Human Resources has launched allegations of neglect, child abuse or other grounds for removing your child from your care, it is critical to seek help from an experienced custody attorney.

Mr. Forrester is experienced in handling these types of custody and child protection cases. His trial skills and training can be your advantage in pivotal court hearings. You can rest assured that he will take your case just as seriously as you do, investing tremendous effort and attention to protect your rights each step of the way.

Facing A Custody Dispute? | Protect Your Rights | Learn More During A Free Consultation

Whether you are a grandparent seeking custody or a parent striving to protect your relationship with your children, lawyer Justin Forrester can provide valuable legal guidance at reasonable rates. Learn more about your rights and options by contacting Forrester Law, LLC, at 205-521-0011 for a free consultation. Based in Birmingham, the firm also maintains an office in Jasper. Mr. Forrester handles custody matters throughout Jefferson County and the surrounding areas.