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Probate Law

Birmingham Probate Law Attorney

Losing a loved one is never easy. The grieving process alone can consume much of your time and energy. You should not have to face the dual burden of also stumbling through the complexities of the probate process without professional legal guidance.

Comprehensive Legal Guidance In Probate

In the Birmingham area, probate law lawyer Justin Forrester at Forrester Law, LLC, can provide the assistance you need to sort through the legal aspects of your loved one’s passing. He handles contested and uncontested probate matters as well as other aspects of estate administration.

As a local attorney and native of the area, Mr. Forrester is familiar with the probate court system and highly regarded in the legal community. His wide breadth of probate experience ranges from handling basic probate matters to complex, multimillion-dollar estates. You can rely on him to invest the time and attention necessary to successfully navigate the probate process.

Serving Out-Of-State Clients With Local Probate Cases

If you live out of state but your loved one lived in Alabama or owned property here, all or a portion of the estate may need to pass through probate in Alabama. Navigating the nuances of probate from out of state can be extremely stressful to attempt on your own.

Attorney Justin Forrester regularly assists out-of-state clients with ancillary estates. He can minimize your hassle and give you peace of mind in knowing the case is in good hands.

Probate Litigation And Contested Cases

While many probate cases proceed smoothly with few or no objections, in some cases, disputes may arise and complicate matters. For example, a will contest may call into question the validity of the will or allegations could surface that the executor breached his or her fiduciary duty in handling estate matters.

Mr. Forrester is skilled at handling probate litigation in contested cases. His wealth of trial experience is a distinct advantage for clients in this area.

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For more information and to discuss your situation with Mr. Forrester during a free initial consultation, contact the firmtoday at 205-521-0011. Convenient evening and weekend appointments are available. With offices in Birmingham and Jasper, Alabama, Mr. Forrester handles probate and estate administration matters throughout Jefferson County and the surrounding areas.